Friday, 30 December 2016

Getting to grips with social media

As I mentioned in our introduction post we are in the middle of a re-brand and are currently adding clothing and apparel to our range of items.

To try and get our new items seen by as many people as possible, I know we need to be more active on our social media accounts.  So far we put most of our energy in to facebook and we've managed to grow an amazing audience that seem truly interested and excited about our work, but we've let our instagram, pinterest and twitter pretty much fend for itself.

I have a secret to confess, I am pretty addicted to lists and planning.  If I have a list with a juicy box ready to tick off or strike through, I'm much more likely to do something.  In fact I have been known to add an item to a list I've already completed, just so I can tick it off!  So in order to make it more likely that I will succeed in growing our social media presence, I needed some kind of list or tracker.

I'm fortunate enough to be part of an amazing Etsy UK Sellers Help Group on facebook that has all kinds of amazing advice!  One of the admins Jennifer has not only a successful Etsy shop, but a great blog that is full of helpful tips and tricks for maximising your etsy shop.  This blog has been pinned to my browser pretty much constantly since I found it a few months back.  Jennifer has quite a few posts about social media and my favourite has to be the one about her social media posting schedule.  Jennifer not only goes in to detail about her own schedule, but has researched the best times to post to different social media platforms and then added all of this on to a habit tracker.

What's a habit tracker, I hear you cry?!  Best way to describe it is with a visual

The numbers at the top are the days of the month and the column marked 'action step' on the left is where you put your goals that need to be completed.

Jennifer's also had extra hand written stats about her accumulated followers, earnings etc and I knew that the less information I had to hand write each month, the more likely I would be to use it.  So I created my own.

I've stolen borrowed all of Jennifer's fab information (I've checked it's okay with her to share ;)) and compiled it onto a printable.  I can now see at a glance exactly what I need to do each day and should be able to schedule some posts too!

To help anyone else that also needs to work on their social media game, please feel free to download from here.  I'd also highly recommend you pop across to Jennifer's blog, this lady sure knows her stuff!

Simply right click and select 'save image as'

If you have any problems downloading the image above or would prefer a PDF version, it can be downloaded here.


We've been using our planner for just under a week and so far so good!  As you can see I've colour coded the different social media platforms, you obviously don't need to do this, I just like the pretty colours lol

We've had another Etsy shop owner ask if I could make the template editable and I promise this is on my to-do list!

I've also been busy adding a social media planner that has been quite handy for trying to plan content in advance.  At the moment it is all feeling a little over-whelming, but I am pleased to say that we've not missed a post! (although my timings may be more than a little out).

Simply right click and select 'save image as'

If you have any problems downloading the image above or would prefer a PDF version, it can be downloaded here.

I'm happy for you to distribute our printables however you wish, but they must remain free at all times.


  1. Thank you and Jennifer for sharing x

    1. It's all down to the wonderful Jennifer, I just compiled it :) Best of luck with your social media journey! x

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