Tuesday, 24 January 2017

My Alice in Wonderland Obsession

For as long as I can remember Alice in Wonderland has been one of my favourite stories.  I fell in love with the Disney adaptation when I was tiny and had devoured countless written versions before I read the Lewis Carroll text in my teens.  In fact, I am so obsessed with Alice that I had read the full original story to my daughter before she was 6 months old, and there is even Alice in Wonderland bunting hung in the nursery.

Given all of this, it is no surprise that there are currently 5 Alice inspired items in my shop!  I'm going to share a little bit about each one and why I created them.

My Alice in Wonderland paper cut was the first of my Alice themed items and was created shortly after I launched Chibi Chi.  I had often lusted after Alice items on Etsy and it seemed I wasn't alone in my love for the story.  Inspired by the present fandom I decided to create an Alice paper cut.  It features my favourite line from the story, along with some of the most iconic items.
The hardest part of the design was trying to incorporate the Cheshire cat's grin, those lines between the teeth are each a micro millimetre and prone to tearing during the cutting process.

After our Alice paper cut launched I kept getting requests to make a card version.  The details were far too small to be able to shrink down to a standard card size and the time it would have taken to cut made the cost far too expensive.  I decided to make a printed version by taking a high resolution scan of the finished paper cut on different coloured backgrounds.  This was then printing with our professional artisan printer onto thick cardstock.  The detail was amazing and you could even see natural defects in the paper cut on the printed version.

I really love the John Tenniel prints that accompanied the original text and 'painting the roses red' was one of my favourites.  Due to the time of manufacture the vast majority of these drawings are black and white.  I wanted to see the iconic scene in full colour so I digitally remastered the print and then painstakingly coloured each section, it was definitely a labour of love!

I was lucky enough to be thrown a surprise Mad Hatter's Tea Party for my baby shower and it was amazing!  When we started creating cake and cupcake toppers last year I knew I needed some Alice themed ones.  Drawing on my love of the John Tenniel prints and my very own Mad Hatter's party experience I created these cute playing card cupcake toppers.  There are 6 different designs in total (my 6 favourite prints of course!) and come in a set of 12.  One day I hope to add these as a print at home version.

This is our final addition (so far) and as you can see it is inspired by our original paper cut!  I wanted something super glittery for cake toppers and this fit the bill.  It has been very popular so far and has shipped all over the world.  My favourite colour is still the red as it reminds me of the queen of hearts <3

Am I the only one with an Alice obsession?  Let me know in the comments :)

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